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Managing noise for an expanded Heathrow

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Please note the animation is provided to illustrate this part of the consultation topic and does not show where flight paths are today or will be in the future.

We appreciate that local communities are concerned about the proposed expansion of Heathrow and its potential noise effects. Whilst noise has reduced over recent decades, we know we need to continue to make it a priority.

The Government has to make sure that ‘noise objectives’ are set for certain airports where noise might be a problem. We have been engaging with the Government on the development of proposals for a noise objective for Heathrow.

Although it is for the Government to set the noise objective, we are consulting on a proposal for the Government to consider.

Our proposed noise objective is as follows:

To limit and, where possible, reduce the effects of noise on health and quality of life and deliver regular breaks from scheduled flights for our communities during the day and night. We need to do this whilst making sure the measures we put in place are proportionate and cost effective.

For a further overview explanation please view the video above. Alternatively, read more about Managing noise for an expanded Heathrow.


1a. Do you support our proposals for a noise objective?

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