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Respite through runway and airspace alternation

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Please note the animation is provided to illustrate this part of the consultation topic and does not show where flight paths are today or will be in the future.

With expansion we will be able to provide respite to communities affected by aircraft noise in two ways:

  • By alternating our runways, we will provide respite for those living closer to the airport; and
  • By alternating our airspace, we will provide respite for those living further away.

Respite means predictable relief from aircraft noise for a period of time. Airspace alternation is not currently possible but with expansion we have the opportunity to provide respite for communities further away from the airport that do not receive any respite today.

We want your feedback on two options for the delivery of respite to local communities using our runway alternation pattern.

Option 1: A pattern that delivers longer periods of respite, less often

For example, we could use each operational pattern for a whole day, then move to a different operating pattern each subsequent day. This would mean that communities would get a whole day of respite every few days, but have consecutive days of overflight (during the operational day) with no respite.

Option 2: A pattern that delivers shorter periods of respite, more often

We could use each of the four runway operating patterns during the day which would mean that each community would have 4-5 hours respite every day. It is not possible for every community to have longer periods of respite, every day.


2a. Would you prefer to have longer periods of respite less frequently (all day on some days but no relief on other days) or a shorter period of respite (e.g. for 4-5 hours) every day? Please tick one of the following options:

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